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Visa Credit Card Exchange Form

Complete this secure form to
your existing WCTFCU Visa Platinum Rewards or Gold Credit Card
to a Cashback Visa Credit Card.

  • Your Credit Report will NOT be pulled for this Visa Credit Card exchange.
  • Your Credit Limit will remain the same (current limit must be at least $5,000 to use this form).
  • Your Current Interest Rate will change to its Cashback Visa fixed rate equivalent (9.00% APR* – 17.50% APR*). For example, an 8.50% APR* Platinum Visa interest rate will become a 9.00% APR* Cashback Visa interest rate.
  • Platinum Visa ScoreCard Points Your ScoreCard Rewards Points, earned on a Platinum Visa Card, are not transferable. So, use them up before you request an exchange to the Cashback Visa Credit Card.
  • A card conversion does not establish a new credit card. We will transfer any balance due on your existing WCTFCU Visa Card, to your Cashback Visa. Your new fixed interest rate will apply. Scorecard Rewards points will not transfer, they will expire upon upgrade to Cashback Visa.(The 2.99% APR Introductory Offer for balance transfers is not available to existing cardholders doing a card exchange). 

* Indicates required

Is your WCTFCU Member Profile contact information up to date? Is the contact info you provided above current? You can check, and make updates, within your online banking, or complete & submit an Account Change Form.


Questions? Call us: 203-758-9500 x222

*Annual Percentage Rate