August 10, from 6 – 7pm at Quassy Amusement Park


We look forward to seeing you at our Member Appreciation BBQ!

Please note, every Member must register to attend.

  • WCTFCU Member must register below to enjoy the free dinner. No actual tickets will be provided in advance. Simply register below, and check in at the WCTFCU desk in front of the Quassy Ticket booth when you arrive at Quassy on 8/10!
  • Quassy Park Passes: On August 10, Registered Member is entitled to purchase directly from Quassy, one (1) All-Day Ride and Waterpark Pass for $14. (good only 8/10)
  • Your Non-Member Guests are welcome to purchase a $16 WCTFCU BBQ ticket on 8/10 at the WCTFCU check-in desk, after which they may purchase one (1) discounted All-Day Ride and Waterpark Pass for $14. (good only 8/10)

Registration Form

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Every individual Member who attends (all ages) must complete this registration form.

You will receive a BBQ confirmation email prior to August 10th, from

I am registering for my free WCTFCU Member Appreciation BBQ ticket!

  • You will receive a confirmation email at least 2 weeks prior to event.

    My Non-Member Guests:* In addition to my own BBQ ticket, I will also bring (insert 0 or a number) Non-Members with me. Each of my Non-Member guests will pay $16 cash onsite, to purchase their BBQ ticket, and can then, if they choose to, purchase one (1) All-Day Ride and Waterpark Pass for $14 (good only 8/10).