Your Platinum Visa, ScoreCard Points Program!

With the ScoreCard  Rewards Points program, you earn rewards points with every purchase. Your points are automatically added to your WCTFCU Platinum VISA Credit Card account. Your points are redeemable for travel and other rewards. No opt-in necessary.

  • Earn points for every dollar spent! Redeem your points for name-brand merchandise, travel rewards, cash-back, and statement credit.
  • Register on the ScoreCard website to track your rewards points online and to view on your monthly statement.
Track & Redeem Your Points ScoreCard Bonus Point totals are found on your monthly Visa statement, at and at Points expire 3 years after you have acquired them. Track your points and use them within 3 years of acquisition. You can follow the aging of your points on the websites above.

Ready to redeem?
Go to or contact ScoreCard Rewards Headquarters at 800-854-0790.

VISA ScoreCard login: 
Click the button on the right below to login to your ScoreCards Rewards account, and for more information.