Head-Start Savings Account

Children who develop a pattern of saving early, tend to continue that habit into adulthood.

With a Head-Start Savings (joint) account, members under 18 years of age will
earn 4.60% APY* on funds up to $1,000 in this account. 

The funds in the account that are over $1,000 will earn the regular savings rate. 
When a member turns 18, the entire account will earn the regular savings rate.

Minimum to open a Head Start Savings Account:  $5.00

WCTFCU deposits $10 into Head-Start Accounts opened prior to baby’s 1st birthday.
For youth accounts ages 1 year or older, we annually select a $25, $50 & $100 winner
from the prior year’s new Head Start accounts.

To open an account please visit a branch.  Questions?  Call us at 800.992.2226.
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