New & Improved Bill Pay!

On April 18th, WCTFCU migrated to a new version of our bill pay system.

Here is what you need to know and do.

This new, upgraded system is state of the art and designed with our Members in mind.
You will experience an improved bill pay format, offering better functionality and efficiency.

You will see little difference in how bills are processed. Most of your bills will continue to be processed by electronic check with the funds being removed one to two business day(s) in advance of the payment to your payee. However, those few bill pay payees that must be paid by a paper check will now clear when your payee clears your check, just as if you wrote the check yourself.

You will still be able to designate the payment delivery date and eBills will be available.

With the new WCTFCU bill pay:
+ PAY in just one click. Find the person or company, enter the payment amount and date, and click Pay. 
+ ADD a new payee faster than ever. Click the Add a payee button to add a person or company.
+ MAKE recurring payments to save time each month. Simply select Make it recurring next to your payee.
+ SEE payment amounts and due dates of upcoming bills. Click on the eBill icon next to your payee.

As of April 18th: Here is what you can expect when the new system goes live.
On April 18th you will receive the conversion email. This email will take you through the simple steps for registering within our new system. You will only need to reestablish your challenge questions (ex. What is my pet's name?), and accept our terms and conditions. That's it! All your payees, information and history will be there in the new format! There will be quick videos in that email which may be helpful.

Your current, scheduled bill pays, the one(s) you now have set up within the existing online banking platform, will be in the new system. 

All you have to do is follow the steps in the conversion email you'll receive April 18th, in order to register within this new system.

Curious? Want to take a peek at the new system? Watch this quick how-to video!

Questions? You can visit the Online Bill Pay FAQs page, and you can call Member Service, we will be glad to assist. 

New Online Bill Pay

How To Retrieve 2016 Tax Information

2016 Tax forms (1099’s and 1098’s) are now available. Members can access their forms, and see the amounts that they paid & received on individual accounts, by following these simple steps.

Members that received at least $10, and Members that paid at least $600, can retrieve their 1099 & 1098's respectively as follows:
  • Login to your online banking, click on Accounts widget (on the left-hand side)
  • Click on Statements (across the top)
  • All available statements and tax forms will show
Members that did not receive at least $10 or pay at least $600 can retrieve their tax information as follows: 
• Login to your online banking. Click on Accounts widget (on the left-hand side)
• Click on a specific savings or loan account 
• Click on Account Details (to the right and across the top)
• Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to view Interest paid prior YTD
You can also access this information in your estatements.

2016 Mortgage Statement: will be mailed to you by our partner, Midwest Loan Services.

2016 IRA Statement: will be mailed to you by our partner, ASCENSUS

2016 Student Loan Tax Information details within our website. Direct 1098-E Access within your Student Loan account.

Call Member Service for assistance.

How To Set Up External Transfers

An External Transfer transfers your money between your WCTFCU account and a non-WCTFCU account. (This is not relevant to Bill Pay)

Follow these simple steps, to set up External Transfers in & out of your WCTFCU account(s).

  • Click on Transfer widget (tile on left-hand side)
  • Click on Classic (across top-center under "Transfers")
  • Under the To Account box click on Add Account; the account to which you will transfer money
  • Choose at another bank. Select Account Type (checking or savings) at other bank.
  • Enter 9 digit Routing Number of the other bank. Enter your account number at other bank. Confirm account number.
  • Add a Nickname for this Transfer. It will be displayed in the Transfers widget-tile. Click Save.


  • Locate your name in green bar, top-right of screen. Click on the down arrow & select Settings
  • Select Accounts (under Settings across top-center, on far right)
  • Click on Link an External Account button on the right
  • Select Account Type (checking or savings) at other bank. Enter 9 digit Routing Number of other bank.
  • Enter your account number at other bank. Confirm that account number.
  • Add a Nickname for this Transfer. It will be displayed in the Transfers widget. Click Save.

The Process: This inter-bank process may take up to 3 days. Once the external account link has been created, 2 micro-deposits or credits, and a corresponding debit (for the total of the credits), will be sent to the external account as a trial of this link.
- You must confirm these transactions before the external account link can be used.
- When these external deposits are ready to be confirmed, you will receive a notification message within this new online banking platform. This message will be displayed in your Dashboard, "You have pending external accounts. Confirm trial deposits to finish linking external accounts".
- Go to your external account and take note of each amount deposited. Then go to your online banking Dashboard and click the word "Confirm" that appears within the message on your Dashboard. Now enter the dollar amounts of those two micro-deposits.
- Once the amounts have been accurately entered, your external account is available for transfers to & from your WCTFCU account.

Note - Add Account button only appears in the To Account section of Transfer details. However, once you add an external account, it will be available for transfers to & from your WCTFCU account.

Questions? Call for 24/7 Online Banking assistance 866.589.6930

Why Choose Online Banking?

Online banking lets you manage your money from your desktop, tablet and smartphone, with our online banking, bill-pay service and Mobile App.

Online Banking FAQs

How to Get the App

To get & use the App, sign up for online banking; click "Sign Up" in the Online Banking Login Box at the top of every page. Then download our App from the respective App Store.