Do you have 24/7 Member Service?

Call our 24/7 Online Banking Team for assistance 866.589.6930

I forgot my User ID. What can I do?

Call our 24/7 Online Banking Team 866.589.6930. A representative will ask you to verify the answer to your authenticity question, which you selected when you enrolled.

Why would I “nickname” my accounts?

You may have several accounts; nicknaming the accounts provides you the opportunity to differentiate between them. For instance, you may be saving for a down payment on a new home in one account, and have another savings account for general purposes. You can nickname one “House Account”, and the other “Rainy Day Fund”, so you’ll know at a glance which account is which. You can also nickname your payees in the Bill Payer feature, and your loans, so you’ll know which is “Car Payment”, and which is “Cellphone Bill”, etc.

How soon will WCTFCU records be updated with my online activity?

When you exit online banking, the credit union system will be updated.

Why is my family member's loan appearing on my records?

When you co-sign a loan for another member, that loan becomes part of your credit union history and will appear on your online banking.

How do I access online banking?

Login directly from our website,, in the green “Online Banking Login” box located on the upper right corner of every page on our website.

If it is your first time accessing WCTFCU online, please select the "Online Banking Sign-up" option.

I can't access my accounts online.

1. System Down? We post an alert on our website if any system is down. Alerts appear at the top of every page.

2. Password. Make sure you are entering your password exactly as it is set up; use the correct upper-case and lower-case letters.

3. Try a Computer.
 Maybe it is a smartphone or tablet issue. Login to online banking from a computer. Still unable to login? Call us to verify the status of your account.

During business hours call us at 800.992.2226.

After business hours call our 24/7 Online Banking Team 866.589.6930.