4 VISA® Credit Cards: Low Fixed Rates & No Fees!

Members love our Visa Credit Cards. Select the one that is best for you!

  1. Cashback Visa from 9.00% APR* get 1% cash back on all purchases 
  2. Platinum Visa
 from 8.50% APR* with ScoreCard Rewards Points
  3. Gold Visa from 8.00% APR*
  4. Student Visa 9.90% APR*

*Annual Percentage Rate
  • No Fees. Low FIXED Rates. Very competitive fixed rates, and no annual fees. Our Visa credit card interest rates do not go up when the federal interest rate goes up!
  • Balance Transfers & Cash Advances. Why pay high interest rates, annual fees and transfer fees? Roll your credit card debt to a WCTFCU Visa Credit Card.
  • Activity Alerts. Opt-in to receive text &/or email alerts on account activities you specify. (details below)
  • Contactless Payment & Digital Wallet-friendly.  enabled for our Members’ convenience & security.
  • 2.99% APR Introductory Offer for NEW cardholders. Pay only 2.99% APR for 12 months, on balances transferred from other credit cards to your new WCTFCU Visa Credit Card - available during first year with your new card.
Visa Credit Cards Video

Use the chart below
to compare the features & benefits of our 4 Visa Credit Cards, to pick the one that is best for you!
Compare VISA® Cards Cashback VISA® Platinum VISA®Rewards Points Gold VISA® Student VISA®
Fixed Interest Rate % APR* from 9.00% from 8.50% from 8.00% from 9.90%
No Fees (No annual, monthly, balance transfer, cash-advance, other fees) checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Cash Back 1% on all purchases checkmark      
ScoreCard Rewards®Points   checkmark    
Free Cash Advance checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Free Balance Transfers checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Free Travel Accident Insurance checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Warranty Services checkmark checkmark    
Free Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver Insurance checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
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* Annual Percentage Rate

Traveling?  NOTE: Call the branch so we can note your travel info on your card for your protection!


Enjoy the benefits of your WCTFCU Visa Credit and Debit Card and your smartphone's Digital Wallet App (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay*).

Simply add your WCTFCU cards to your Digital Wallet App for quick, convenient and secure in-person and in-App purchases wherever you see the Digital Wallet icons.

Here's How:
1. Open or download your Digital Wallet App. Use the App to scan your card(s) or take a photo with your device's camera.

2. Follow the prompts to add & secure your WCTFCU Visa Credit Card & Visa Debit Card to your Wallet.

will securely verify your card(s) information. 

4. To use - hold your phone (or Apple Watch) to the card terminal as indicated, and your payment will be processed!

Questions? Call us 800.992.2226

*Available on participating smartphone models, through most major carriers.

Protect your WCTFCU Visa Credit Card!

SecurLOCK Equip Mobile App -  Protect your Credit Card from Fraud

The SecurLOCK Equip App enables you to control credit card usage and spending by defining when, where and how the credit card is used.

Customize alerts and set limits such as:
     • Turn your card ON and OFF anytime, right from your smartphone. Turn the card ON when you are ready to use it, and OFF when you are done using it.
     • Set Alerts to notify you based on transaction amount, GPS location of card usage, merchant type, if a transaction has been denied, etc.
     • Control & Monitor Family Spending: Set limits for spending. Decide when, where and how the card is used.

Traveling out of state? Call the branch so that we may note this on your account.

SecurLock FAQs.

VISA Credit Card Activity Alerts. Opt-in now!

VISA Alerts are easy to set up by cardholders who want to receive text &/or email, near real-time, notifications of the card activities that they select. You can
  • Track specified card activity (ex. charges, payments, etc.)
  • Track your spending habits (ex. charges over a set $ amount)
  • Monitor your account for fraudulent activity (unfamiliar charges)
Alerts contain important information including purchase amount, retailer & location (if available), and the last 4 digits of your VISA card.  

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