With our Debit Visa® Card you can...

  • get cash at any ATM!
  • have free, unlimited use of the WCTFCU ATMs
  • get ATM fees automatically reimbursed on a monthly basis! (see your checking account product details for specific information)
  • make purchases anywhere VISA® is accepted; funds are deducted from your WCTFCU checking account...just like writing a check.
  • make point-of-sale purchases at the gas pump or in the grocery store
  • receive Text Alerts when an unusual purchase is made with your Debit Card
  • Use the CardValet App (see below) to set Debt Card alerts to control & monitor Debit Card usage
  • Add it to your mobile digital wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay) DETAILS BELOW
  • Travel - NOTE: Call the branch so we can note your travel info on your card for your protection!

You can enjoy all the benefits of your WCTFCU Visa Debit Card & Visa Credit Card, with the convenience of your smartphone's Digital Wallet App (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay*).

Simply add your WCTFCU cards to your Digital Wallet App for quick convenient & secure in-person and in-App purchases wherever you see the Digital Wallet icons.

Here's How:
1. Open or download your Digital Wallet App. Use the App to scan your card(s) or take a photo with your device's camera.

2. Follow the prompts to add & secure your WCTFCU Visa Credit Card & Visa Debit Card to your Wallet.

3. WCTFCU will securely verify your card(s) information. 

4. To use - hold your phone (or Apple Watch) to the card terminal as indicated, and your payment will be processed!

Fast. Convenient. Secure. The new, mobile way to make purchases with your WCTFCU Visa Cards.

Questions? Call us 800.992.2226

*Available on participating smartphone models, through most major carriers.

Protect your WCTFCU Debit Card!

CardValet Mobile App
For an extra level of security and to safeguard your debit card from fraud, WCTFCU debit card holders can control access to their card utilizing an App, on a smartphone and tablet. 

As with all Apps, once you are using the standalone CardValet App, make sure you upgrade the App whenever you receive an upgrade prompt.

Note: Already using the Debit Card Alerts feature within WCTFCU online banking? We suggest that you switch to CardValet for faster Debit Card Alerts.

CardValet, our debit card security App, enables our debit card holders to control debit card usage and spending, via smartphone & tablet, by defining when, where and how their debit card is used.

The CardValet App lets debit card holders safeguard their card from fraud with customized alerts and the ability to set limits:
     • Turn your card ON and OFF anytime, right from your smartphone. Turn the card ON when you are ready to use it, and OFF when you are done using it.
     • Set Alerts to keep you aware of what’s happening on your card. Alerts can notify you immediately based on transaction amount, GPS location of card usage by identifying your phone’s location, merchant type, if a transaction has been denied, etc.*
     • Control & Monitor Family Spending: Set limits for spending. Decide when, where and how they use their debit card. Plus you can set other features and alerts as well.

*Text Alert Info: 
- CardValet Text Alerts will never include a clickable link. Rather Text Alerts may include a reply request for a 'yes', 'no' or 'stop' response from the debit card holder.
- Debt Card Text alerts will be from a 5-digit number (ex. 20733 or 37268), never from a 10-digit number that resembles a telephone number.

Fraud Alert - Phone Call -
If there is concern about fraud on your debit card, you may receive a telephone call from the Fraud Call Center. No personal information will be asked of you on this call. You may be asked to say, "yes" or "no" regarding the validity of a debit card transaction. Your Zip code may be requested. If you receive a phone call and are concerned, hang up and call us directly so that we may help you. Never provide a caller with the PIN or 3-digit security code on the back of your debit card.

Download the CardValet App from Google Play for Androids & the App Store for iPhones. Details @ www.cardvalet.com

Traveling out of state? Call the branch so that we may note this on your account.
CardValet How To Video Card Valet Quick Reference Guide Visa Debit Card FAQs

3 New ATMs!

Enjoy the speed & ease of use of our two new Middlebury ATMs, and new Danbury ATM.

The Danbury walk-in ATM, and the Middlebury drive-through ATM & walk-up ATM have been replaced with brand new, state-of-the-art models!

Always Free! When you use your WCTFCU Debit Card.

Automatic Account-Updater
for Debit & Credit Visa Card Holders

Your WCTFCU Visa Debit card and Visa credit card provide the automatic Account Updater,* convenience service.

Are there merchants to whom you have given your Visa debit or Visa credit card to keep on file, for recurring payments? If so, this applies to you.

Whenever you receive a new or renewed Visa debit card or Visa credit card, your old card's information (i.e. number & expiration date) will automatically update to the new card's number & expiration date; for all  the merchants with whom you maintain your card on file for recurring payments (ex. subscriptions, gym memberships).

You may opt-out. If you do not want to utilize this convenience, you may opt-out. If you opt-out of this automatic update, it will be incumbent upon you to manually update your auto-charge merchants whenever you receive an updated WCTFCU debit and/or credit Visa card.

How to Opt-Out  To opt-out, click on the green Updater Opt-Out button below.

Questions? Call Member Service.
Updater Opt-Out