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Your Credit Score & Credit Report!

WCTFCU online banking users have free, 24/7 on-demand access to their current credit score and credit report; any time, from anywhere! Plus, credit monitoring alerts!

You no longer need to pay $20-$40/month for MyFICO or other credit score & report services.
As a WCTFCU online banking Member, you can access this information, and much more, on a daily basis...Free!

To view your current credit score & report, simply go to your online banking in your usual way; through the WCTFCU App, or by using the green Online Banking Login box above. (See How To Access details below.)  Note: SavvyMoney is the authorized service provider to WCTFCU.

Today's Score Your daily credit score will closely match that of your TransUnion score; it is not a FICO score. You can get your latest credit score every 24 hours by clicking Refresh Score. Multiple inquiries through online banking will not affect your credit score; they are considered a 'soft-pull'. Your credit report updates monthly; the standard schedule for credit bureau reporting.

Your credit score will automatically update every 30 days. As long as you access your online banking at least once every 120 days; you will continue to have access to this free, current credit score, report & monitoring service.

Credit Score Analysis: Easily and quickly understand and evaluate all of the factors that influence your personal credit score. The Credit Score Analysis Cards give you customized, detailed explanations, plus recommendations for possible credit improvement.

Protect & Manage Your Credit Use this credit score, report and monitoring service to improve your financial security, and minimize the risk of fraud. Track your credit info on a regular basis - to keep tabs on all of your accounts, lines of credit, inquiries and more. 

Review your Score, Rating, Report, Payment History, Credit Usage, Total Balances, Credit Age and more. 

Identify credit bureau errors, easily report the errors to TransUnion, and if you are correct TransUnion will fix the error and update the correct information with the other 2 credit bureaus! 

Learn how to improve your score by checking the list, charts & graphs provided in "What is negative about my score?". Then make the changes you need to make in order to proactively improve your credit score.

+ Alerts
You will receive Credit Monitoring email alerts  (email will come from Savvy Money*). Or you can opt-out of the Alerts using the Yes/No toggle.

Personalized Recommendations: We automatically look to see if we can lower your monthly payments on current loans, potential future loans, and credit cards. And, make customized suggestions to help you optimize your money. See what savings and lending products are suggested as helpful to you based upon your current credit score & report. Customized offers and suggestions will be available to you based upon your credit.

Interactive Score Simulator: Your financial decisions and activities cause your score to move up or down. Use this simple interactive score simulator to see your credit score's reaction to any of the various financial actions you select. It's like a simulator game! How will you win?! 

Credit Score Event Chart: Visualize the impact to your credit score over time, and see how key changes can impact it.

Your Credit Report Not only do you have on-demand access to your Credit Score and Report, you also get a customized Summary that provides a deep dive into your Report. This includes the Credit Summary, Accounts, Inquiries, Public Records, File A Dispute, and option to Download the Report.

- Credit Cards Section
Note: the APR interest rate listed for each of your cards may not be that which you have on each of your non-WCTFCU cards. It is only the average for holders of each unique card. To customized for your cards, just click on the little pencil to replace that average % with your actual interest rate for each of your credit cards - in order to get a more accurate report. Your updated info will automatically save.

- Loans Section
 (Auto, Personal, Home) There is a customized calculator for each type of loan in this section. These calculators are customized to your actual credit score! It actually takes into account your personal credit score in order to provide the most accurate information to you.

WCTFCU is committed to empowering our Members to achieve financial success through knowledge (Money-Wise!), personal consultation, great rate products and trusted services.

You can take these personal credit insights and apply them when you use our online banking Budgeting tool - in order to make strategic decisions about which lending & savings products will help you most successfully. 

As always, you can count on our 1-on-1 local, personal assistance – only available to WCTFCU Members in our branches and by telephone.

To sign-up for Online Banking visit the green Online Banking Login box found at the top right of every page on this website - to click on Online Banking Sign-up. Once you have online banking you can download our app, for mobile access on the go, and access your current credit score & report… on demand!

FAQs Visit the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about this particular service and more about Credit Scores.

To learn more about credit, credit scores & reports visit Money-Wise! and select the Money Basics for MembersCredit Scores & Reports quick-learn lessons & videos.

Note: Putting a freeze on your credit, through each of the 3 major credit bureaus, is a smart thing to do in order to protect identity theft & the ruining of your credit. If you have set up a credit freeze, you are fully able to use this WCTFCU Credit Service. Your credit freeze will NOT affect your access to the WCTFCU credit score, report, monitoring and alert service. You will just see a smaller overlay communication on the Credit Score Dashboard reminding you that you have a freeze, and would need to contact the bureaus if you want to unfreeze it (ex. in order to open a credit card or take out a loan). 

*SavvyMoney is the authorized and secure service provider to WCTFCU. 

How To Access Your Credit Score & Credit Report

This resource is exclusively available to WCTFCU Members age 18 or older. Enrollment and access is easy through your single sign-on to Online Banking.

Follow these simple steps to get started:
- Login to your Online Banking.

- Click on the My Credit Score widget located on the right side of your Account Summary page.
    Note: Savvy Money is the authorized service provider to WCTFCU.

- Read and accept the terms and conditions of use

You’re ready to go! Now you will see your credit score on your account summary page each time you log in to online banking. To see your credit details and recommendations, just click on your score!

Visit your online banking at least every 120 days in order to maintain your access to this service.

Want to know more? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about this particular service and more about Credit Scores.

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Our 24/7 Online Learning Resource

Visit Money-Wise!. Select 'Money Basics for Members', then select the Credit Scores & Reports lessons.

Knowledge is Power. 
WCTFCU is committed to empowering Members through education about their personal finances; money basics, savings, loans & payments, credit reports, debt management, buying a home, paying for school, planning for retirement, and more. 

With Money-Wise!, our online financial education resource, Members can easily & quickly learn about personal finance best-practices, and financial products. With this knowledge, Members better understand how to optimize their money, so they can make the right decisions, at the right time, for their particular needs.

Money-Wise! is a 24/7 on-demand resource that delivers:
- Quick, easy-learn videos about personal finances & various financial products. Select a relevant topic and learn the basics!
- Simple calculators & tools for budgeting, planning, loan estimating & more. To make informed choices, you can analyze & compare product options, and create estimated sample budgets & loans using the helpful calculators (for budgeting, loans, debt management, savings, pension...).
Once you are informed, you can more confidently complete an online application

The Money-Wise! Credit Scores and Reports 5 minute module may be found in the Money Basics for Members Playlist.

WCTFCU is here for you through each financial life-stage, providing the resources, tools, trusted guidance & the secure, competitive products that are best for our Members' needs. Questions? Please call or stop by a branch for a helpful one-on-one conversation with our Member Services & Lending advisers. 

Visits Money-Wise! for a quick & easy financial education.