Pay less interest on your debt now! Replace your higher interest debt payments, with lower interest monthly payments when you role your debt to a WCTFCU Debt Consolidation Loan.

On-Demand Learning  To learn more about interest, managing your debt, your credit rating, and much more, page-down to Money-Wise!.

Reduce your Debt NOW! 2 Special Offers!

Take advantage of our 2 Special Offers!  (available 1.01.19 - 3.31.19)

Minimize the interest you pay on the debt you carry!
Select the best solutions for your financial security & optimal debt management:

1. Consolidate Your Debt!  - Special Offer from 4.99% APR*  Move all of your high interest debt into a single, lower interest rate, affordable monthly payment Debt Consolidation Loan, now with special rates from 4.99% APR*

    You'll Still Have Debt. But, you will pay less interest; with a fixed interest rate loan & fixed monthly payments that never increase! Apply now!

2. Credit Card Debt?
 - Special Offer 1.99% APR*  Transfer your higher interest credit card balances to a WCTFCU Visa Credit Card to pay only 1.99% APR* for 12 months & no transfer fees!

Simply use our secure online Credit Card Balance Transfer Form, or the printable PDF version. You can keep your other high rate credit cards, just roll the balances and pay 1.99% APR* on that debt! This offer also applies to cash advances. 

(Rate reverts to your standard WCTFCU Visa interest rate following 12 month promotional period (from 8.00% APR*). Offer good for current & new Visa cardholders in good standing.)

Don't yet have our Visa Credit Card? Compare our 3 Visa Credit Cards, and apply online for a Visa Credit Card (from 8.00% APR*!)

Useful Tools:  
Debt Consolidation Calculator (under Resources Tab on our website)
Credit Card Debt Reduction Calculator  
- Loan &/or Visa Credit Card secure online Application Form
Credit Card Balance(s) Transfer Form secure online application
- Credit Card Balance(s) Transfer Form printable PDF Version

Questions? Call, click or stop by for details! 

Special offers available 1.01.19 - 3.31.19. Special 1.99% APR Visa offer available on all Visa balance transfers & cash advances for new & existing Visa credit card holders in good standing. *Annual Percentage Rates effective 12.1.18. Rates based on borrower's credit history. Special Debt Consolidation Loan rate is for loans $10,000+, new money only. Rate is lowest offered, and includes a .25% rate discount for automatic payment option. Other rates & terms available.

Protect What Matters

Credit Disability payment protection products can help ease the financial concerns for you and your family if an unexpected financial challenge occurs. Consider, who would pay your bills If you became suddenly ill or injured, or if there was an unexpected death? Imagine your family’s wallet without your paycheck. You can purchase credit disability through WCTFCU at extremely competitive rates. Benefits include:

  • Protection - Credit Disability or Loan protection helps insure that your loan will not end up in default if you die, or become disabled and are unable to work.
  • Convenience – Apply for this insurance when you apply for your loan and you can include this monthly premium with your monthly loan payment.
  • Support - Employer provided disability may not be enough protection. Bills could begin to pile up as you try to regain your health and your earning capacity.
Payment Protection comes with a 30 day no obligation policy. That means when you apply for Payment Protection coverage, you have 30 days to review your plan and decide that you want to keep the policy or cancel it without obligation; any premiums paid will be refunded. Need more information? Ask your WCTFCU Loan Officer.

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Learn more about Credit & Managing your Debt

Knowledge is Power.
Do you have debt?  Most people do! A good credit rating and optimal management of your debt is attainable, and easy, once you know how!

Learn how to pay the least possible amount and get the best terms for the money and credit you need.

It is important to understand how the interest you pay on each of the debts you carry, and the amount of debt you carry with each lender/credit card - affects you and your monthly payments. 

Use our short Money Basics, and Financial Resolutions Courses (videos, etc.) to learn about:

Credit Scores & Reports, Loans & Payments
Fixed and variable interest rates
+ Use the Budgeting Tool & monthly payment calculations