Auto Loans

Member friendly rates & terms put the purchase power in your hands when negotiating price with a dealer.

Auto-Lease Program

Quickly compare a particular vehicle’s conventional loan payment options, to those of a Driving Sense™ lease-like loan. Click here DrivingSense™ and follow the instructions to build your vehicle of choice, then compare and choose the loan option that best suits your financing needs.

Market Value of Your Car

Check Kelly Blue Book or NADA Guides to estimate the value of a car.


Shop Smart with CarFax used car listings.

AutoSmart - Car Research & Buying Tool

AutoSmart is our powerful online tool for new & used vehicle research and buying. AutoSmart helps you find the right vehicle, for the right price without leaving your home! AutoSmart gives you easy access to shop and compare vehicles, research values and vehicle histories, and receive vehicle quotes from various dealers.

The Price Comparison feature includes a description of each car’s price as “great,” “fair,” or “over” priced, based on an average of other cars in the same geographic area.

It also provides a detailed summary of how each price description was determined, including how many cars it was compared to, the price of each, and the distance of each from the car in consideration.
This feature provides greater transparency for you, and will empower you to make a more informed purchase decision.


Carvana   - 
A new way to buy a pre-owned car!

WCTFCU has partnered with Carvana to offer WCTFCU Members a simplified online buying experience for quality pre-owned vehicles.

Search Carvana's ever-expanding inventory of thousands of high-quality, pre-owned vehicles. Then buy online, using your WCTFCU Used Car Loan. ...all without having to visit a dealership! For added peace of mind, every Carvana vehicle comes with a 7-day return policy and a 100-day Worry Free Guarantee.

Carvana sells cars, but they are not salespeople. Carvana provides a seamless, online car buying experience for customers – from their searchable virtual showroom of fully-inspected, high-quality vehicles, to high-resolution 360° photographs of their vehicles’ interior and exterior.

With delivery possible to your driveway in 24 hours or pick-up available from one of their state-of-the-art car vending machines (yes, you read that right) - all with a 7-day money back guarantee, customer satisfaction is at the core of Carvana's business. With no dealerships or commissioned sales people, they also save thousands of dollars in expenses per vehicle that they pass on to you!

  • Carvana Certified Inventory 15,000+ vehicles all with: low mileage, no reported accidents on CarFax, and a 150-point inspection
  • Convenient online shopping from home or on the go; members can buy online with delivery or pickup available as soon as the next day
  • More for less Members save valuable time and money by shopping online
  • Buying with confidence: 7-day money back guarantee, 100-day/1,489 mile warranty
  • Easy trade-ins Carvana will give members a firm offer for their cars in less than 2 minutes and pick it up from them. No pictures needed, no inspection hassle.
  • A great experience Carvana has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating across 28,000+ customer reviews

Here's How!


Pre-approval starts here, at your credit union.

  1. Apply for your WCTFCU Used Car Loan using our quick online application, or speak directly with a WCTFCU Lending Officer.
  2. Receive your WCTFCU Used Car Loan pre-appoval.
  3. Visit the Carvana partners' website page or call Carvana at 844.214.2369 to select & order your car!

Protect What Matters

Credit Disability payment protection products can help ease the financial concerns for you and your family if an unexpected financial challenge occurs. Consider, who would pay your bills If you became suddenly ill or injured, or if there was an unexpected death? Imagine your family’s wallet without your paycheck. You can purchase credit disability through WCTFCU at extremely competitive rates. Benefits include:

  • Protection - Credit Disability or Loan protection helps insure that your loan will not end up in default if you die, or become disabled and are unable to work.
  • Convenience – Apply for this insurance when you apply for your loan and you can include this monthly premium with your monthly loan payment.
  • Support - Employer provided disability may not be enough protection. Bills could begin to pile up as you try to regain your health and your earning capacity.
Payment Protection comes with a 30 day no obligation policy. That means when you apply for Payment Protection coverage, you have 30 days to review your plan and decide that you want to keep the policy or cancel it without obligation; any premiums paid will be refunded. Need more information? Ask your WCTFCU Loan Officer.