Bank at your convenience.

Access your accounts through your smartphone or tablet.

The WCTFCU Mobile App offers: mobile check deposit, transfers, spending trackers, bill pay, P2P (Person-to-Person Payments), account alerts and so much more!

In order to use our Mobile App, you must first register in Online Banking. 

Mobile Banking FAQs

Person-to-Person Payments (P2P)

P2P enables WCTFCU Members to send money from their credit union checking account to another person's bank account using the WCTFCU App or online banking.

The recipient does not need to be a WCTFCU Member. 

It's Free! Unlike Venmo and most banks, we do not charge for this service.

It's Easy!  What you will need:
You will need the recipient's mobile phone number, email address, or routing and account number.
The recipient needs to have an account with a financial institution with the financial institution's routing number & the number for their account into which they want to receive the funds.

Steps to Send a P2P in Mobile Banking:
1) Open the WCTFCU Mobile App
2) Select Bill Pay
3) Add a Payee, then select Personal
4) Follow the prompts

Steps to Send a P2P in Online Banking:
1) Follow the steps to sign-up for Bill Pay 
2) Select Bill Pay
3) Select Pay a Person from the menu
4) Follow the prompts

Notification Your payment recipient will receive notification (email if you entered their email address, or text if you entered their mobile phone number) letting them know that you are sending them a payment.

P2P daily limit is $1,400 per transaction.