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Questions about undergraduate student aid, loans, scholarships and refinance options?
   Need help completing your FAFSA?
       Unsure of how to interpret your award letter?
            Overwhelmed by the lingo of the financial aid world?

WCTFU Members, including High School Juniors, Seniors and college students (and their parents) can schedule a free consultation with our Student Choice College Access Counselor, Ms. Patricia Poplicean.

Ms. Poplicean offers support on financial aid, planning for college, student loans and other important topics via personal email correspondence and phone calls, all at no charge.

Learn about:
+ Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
+ Federal & Private Student Loans
+ Financial Aid Process
+ Various types of Aid
+ Scholarships
+ Student Loan Repayment
+ Student Loan Refinance

Providing this one-on-one consultation exemplifies the WCTFCU mission of educating members and offering products and services to support them at various stages throughout their lives. 

Click here, to email Ms. Poplicean a question, or to schedule an telephone appointment.
Or, go to, select Plan for College, select College Access Counselor, select ask a question via email, or select schedule an appointment (select topic, book a call)

Our College Access Counselor can provide personal, one-on-one consultation for all of your financial aid questions. Whether you’re a parent, high school student, or college graduate entering loan repayment, our counselor can walk you through the necessary steps to make smart decisions about paying for college – and beyond. To ask questions or request an appointment,

Undergraduate Student Loans

When Federal aid just isn't enough, we’re here to help! The cost of college continues to rise, forcing many students and families to resort to student loans to fill funding gaps.

The Waterbury CT Teachers Federal Credit Union has the unique ability to help our members and their families by offering our Student Choice private lending solution which features:

  • Zero origination or prepayment fees
  • Lower interest rates
  • Simple one-time online application
  • Deferment of principal and interest while in school
  • Flexible repayment terms including graduated repayment for two years
  • Convenient line of credit structure that lets you apply once and secure financing for your entire college career* (*Subject to qualification and annual credit review.)
For more information and to apply online click on the Apply Today link below.

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Graduate Student Loans

A credit union Graduate Student Loan is an unsecured loan, which means it is not guaranteed by the federal government. Graduate Student Loan proceeds are used to pay college tuition expenses for graduate studies.

Unlike other student loans, qualification is not based on "need" and members can borrow up to the full cost of attendance per semester less any financial aid. Amounts must be supported by a detailed tuition bill provided by the school.

A tuition bill is required at the time an advance is made and the proceeds are paid directly to the school.

Loan Limits: A member’s total credit union student loan debt cannot exceed the maximum limit of $50,000.00. Maximum aggregate amount per student is $50,000.00. Maximum per Academic Year is calculated based on the cost of attendance as detailed on the tuition statement less any other financial aid.

Repayment: At the time of each advance, a payment will be calculated based on a full amortization over an approximate term of 120 months. The minimum payment will be $50.00.


  • The school must qualify as an eligible institution under Title IV of the US Dept of Education, Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended.
  • Must have verification of school and a tuition bill.
  • Borrowers and any co-borrower and/or co-signer - must meet our current credit criteria.
Disbursements: Checks are only disbursed directly to the schools.

Refinance & Consolidate Your Student Loans

Student Loan(s) Refinancing

Simplify & Save Money!  WCTFCU Members can get a lower monthly payment & reduced interest rate when they refinance / consolidate existing private & federal student loans into a single loan.

Competitive Interest Rates: Both Variable and Fixed Rate loans are available. Click on the Learn More button below for current rates and details. 

Refinance up to $100,000 of undergraduate &/or graduate student loan debt. No origination fees.

Online Account Management 24/7 access to check your balance, make payments, see account history & information

New Loan = New Terms  Please be aware that you may potentially lose certain benefits associated with your original federal student loans by refinancing such federal loans with a (new) private student loan consolidation. These benefits may include favorable repayment options, low and fixed interest rates, extended loan terms, and loan forgiveness. We strongly advise that you seek professional advice and examine your benefits and options before refinancing your federal loans. It is important to us that you are comfortable with potentially forfeiting benefits that may not be offered through our consolidation loan.

Questions?  Call 888.549.9050   M-F 9am - 8pm

Resources & Tools for Student Loan Borrowers:  Guide to Repaying Federal Student Loans

Learn More / Apply Now      FAQs

Protect What Matters

Credit Disability payment protection products can help ease the financial concerns for you and your family if an unexpected financial challenge occurs. Consider, who would pay your bills If you became suddenly ill or injured, or if there was an unexpected death? Imagine your family’s wallet without your paycheck. You can purchase credit disability through WCTFCU at extremely competitive rates. Benefits include:

  • Protection - Credit Disability or Loan protection helps insure that your loan will not end up in default if you die, or become disabled and are unable to work.
  • Convenience – Apply for this insurance when you apply for your loan and you can include this monthly premium with your monthly loan payment.
  • Support - Employer provided disability may not be enough protection. Bills could begin to pile up as you try to regain your health and your earning capacity.
Payment Protection comes with a 30 day no obligation policy. That means when you apply for Payment Protection coverage, you have 30 days to review your plan and decide that you want to keep the policy or cancel it without obligation; any premiums paid will be refunded. Need more information? Ask your WCTFCU Loan Officer.