Earns you higher rates on your checking balance. Earns you a higher interest rate on deposits of $5 - $10,000 per month. Offers a VISA® debit card*, and automatic reimbursement for ATM fees nationwide (up to $25/month). Qualified A+ Checking Members agree to all 3 of the following electronic services:
  1. e-statements
  2. 10 US debit card transactions month
  3. either direct deposit, OR an ACH automatic debit, OR a WCTFCU online bill-pay

A+ Checking cannot be used as an investment account. At the sole discretion of the Credit Union, if it is determined that the account is being so abused, notice thereof will be given to cease abuse, and failing to do so, the account will be closed 60 days from notice. If, in a given month, a Member does not meet the 3 qualifications above, ATM fees will not be reimbursed for that month. And non-qualifying rate (see below) will be given for that month. A “qualification cycle” is a period beginning 1-day prior to the first day of the current statement cycle through 1-day prior to close of current statement cycle.

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