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Knowledge is Power. Some Members will receive a pension upon retirement. Others will self-fund their retirement through 401k's, IRAs, Social Security, etc.

All Members can benefit from the free resources below including:

+ Workshop: Pre-Retirement Planning for Teachers & Administrators (live webinar with Q&A)

+ Meeting with Egidio Assante Lennon Wealth Management LLC for a free personal consultation - with no obligation

+ Money-Wise! Online Learning - videos, tools, etc. Quick-learn from the Retirement 101, When to Collect Social Security and other content. You will find the Money-Wise! Owl throughout this website. Click on the Money-Wise! button each time to find topically relevant videos, tools and resources. 


Workshop: Pre-Retirement Planning for Teachers & Administrators


When:  Visit the Workshop's page for details
Live Webinar

Teachers, Administrators and their spouses/partners are encouraged to attend our free, Pre-Retirement Planning Workshop presented by Egidio Assante Lennon Wealth Management, LLC, CT’s Trusted Speakers on Teachers’ Retirement. Egidio Assante Lennon is among CT’s most knowledgeable speakers on the topic of CT Teachers’ Retirement

Our Members’ unique interests, concerns and pre-retirement planning questions will be addressed. Participants will be able to ask questions of our presenter throughout the workshop. This educational workshop is presented exclusively for our Members. This is NOT a sales pitch.

You must register to attend.

Workshop Topics Include:

  • When is the best time to retire to maximize my retirement benefits?
  • Will I be able to maintain my current lifestyle throughout my retirement?
  • What are the early incentive programs offered throughout the state?
  • Understanding the funding of the State of CT Teachers' Retirement Pension.
  • Pros & cons of contributions to a Voluntary Account. Should I take it in an annuity or in a lump sum?
  • Should I retire under Plan N, C, or D? How do I evaluate each plan?
  • What is and what should I do with my Supplemental 1% Account?
  • Shall I purchase additional services? What will it cost? What are the current rules governing such a purchase?
  • What is COLA? How is COLA calculated? Can an early retirement affect my COLA?
  • Understanding the difference between a 403(b), TSA and 457.
  • Will I be entitled to receive Social Security? How will my pension affect this benefit?
  • What are the best health insurance options available for me and my family upon retirement? Can I afford them?
  • Am I eligible to be covered under Medicare? What are my options through my Board of Education if I am not covered under Medicare?
  • What are the risks to investing in bonds?

Register in advance
  There are three ways to register for this free workshop: You can call 877.567-0290, email Joanne Daley, or visit their website


Financial Planning - consultation

Offered to WCTFCU members through Egidio Assante Lennon Wealth Management LLC, 20 Realty Drive, Cheshire, CT.06416 .

Mark Egidio &/or his associates will discuss your personal goals and help you plan for a secure financial future. Call today for a free, no obligation personal consultation. Egidio Assante Lennon associates are available to meet with WCTFCU Members at the Cheshire office, and at a WCTFCU branch.

  • Egidio Assante Lennon LLC website
  • Telephone:
    • 203.439.0732
    • 877.567.0290 ONLY for Workshop Registration

      Mark Egidio and the financial advisers of Egidio Assante Wealth Management, LLC offer securities and advisory services through Commonwealth Financial Network®, member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Investments are not insured by the NCUA and are not deposits or other obligations of, or guaranteed by, any depository institution. Funds are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal investment. Waterbury CT Federal Credit Union is not a registered broker-dealer or Registered Investment Adviser. WCTFCU and Commonwealth are separate and unaffiliated entities.