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Every week we survey our Newest Members, and other segments of our Membership in order to get Member feedback about their recent WCTFCU experience.

Survey questions include:
Q. Tell us about your experience (ex. membership application, or loan application).
Q. What can WCTFCU do to improve the process?
Q. Would you recommend WCTFCU to a friend?

Members consistently rave about the personal attention, the friendly professionalism, the helpful, fast & efficient service - and the great results they receive from WCTFCU employees.

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Here are some testimonials
from WCTFCU Members - Teachers, Administrators, Board of Ed employees and their family members:

Member Feedback - Pre-Retirement Planning Workshop 

    •  "Excellent workshop - Would absolutely recommend this program to a friend."
    •  “Great, informative workshop - Thanks!"
    •  “Even though I have at least 9 years until retirement, there were a few things I learned that I need to take care of now! The workshop was extremely helpful." 
    •  "Thanks for answering all questions especially individual ones!”
    •  "I’m so happy we went to this!"

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More Member Testimonials:

Maria Mantila upright


WCTFCU Member since 1997

School: Chase Elementary School
Position: 1st Grade Teacher
Years Teaching: 23 years

What do you LOVE about Teaching?

"One thing I love is teaching students how to set a goal, and work hard in everything you do. Practicing a good work ethic while you are young will set the stage for future success."

Why did you join the WCTFCU?

"I believed that becoming a Member would provide ways for me to reach my destiny and accomplish my own personal goals of owning my own home, and securing an affordable mortgage that allows me to live securely."

How have you used WCTFCU?

"I invested in my future, by applying for a loan with an affordable mortgage rate. I now own my dream home! I set my goals, and with hard work WCTFCU helped me achieve them."

Tommy Pompei cropped


WCTFCU Member since 2012

School: Holy Cross High School
Position: Principal
Years in Education: 1 year

What do you LOVE about Teaching?

"The best part of my job is the day-to-day process, good times and bad, with the kids. My education was so important in my life, and I don't mean just the classroom experience. It was the people, the relationships, the wondering, the exploration. I always felt at home in that environment."

Why did you join the WCTFCU?

"My friend informed me of the collegiality of the people working at the Credit Union, and the advantageous rates for educators; for loans, cars, tuition, etc.."

How have you used WCTFCU?

"For me, and my family, to pursue goals and fulfill needs as the years have gone on."

Althea Kariamu cropped


WCTFCU Member since 2012

School: Great Plains Elementary School
Position: 5th Grade Teacher
Years Teaching: 14 years

What do you LOVE about Teaching?

"I love connecting with my students and seeing that 'Aha Moment' when they figure out a problem."

Teaching Pro-Tip

"Always bring humor to the classroom. It makes learning fun."

Why did you join the WCTFCU?

"I became a WCTFCU Member because of the low APR that was offered, and that my whole family could join. I like being able to talk to an in-school WCTFCU representative about my finances, when they come to my school."

How have you used WCTFCU?

"I use WCTFCU for both my checking & savings, as well as personal and car loans. I got the best deals in town!"

Sandy Sanchez cropped


WCTFCU Member since 2014

School: Westside Middle School Academy
Position: Administrative Assistant
Years in Education: 9 years

What do you LOVE about Teaching?

"Even though I am not a certified teacher, I still get to teach the kids about kindness, responsibility and respect. I love to watch them come in as 6th graders & leave as young adults by their 8th grade year.."


"Be Kind!"

Why did you join the WCTFCU?

"As a single parent, I wanted to consolidate my credit cards, and WCTFCU did an amazing job helping me out with that."

How have you used WCTFCU?

"Keeping my staff up-to-date with what WCTFCU has to offer."

Rachel Janey -cropped


WCTFCU Member since 2018

School: Stadley Rough Elementary
Position: Kindergarten Teacher
Years Teaching: 5 years

What do you LOVE about Teaching?

"The kids! 100%. I do, what I do, because I love working with my kids and helping them grow."

Teaching Pro-Tip

"Find a Teacher Squad and hold onto them tightly. They understand and will get you through!"

Why did you join the WCTFCU?

"I needed a bank that would help me save money without a ton of fees."

How have you used WCTFCU?

"I used WCTFCU for my auto Loan and I opened a CD!"

Maureen Tyra


WCTFCU Member since 2016

School: East Ridge Middle School
Position: Social Studies Teacher
Years Teaching: 14 years

What do you LOVE about Teaching?

"I love the interactions and dynamics of the students."

Teaching Pro-Tip

"Be patient and be kind. I always remember I am teaching students for life, not for life, not just the year."

Why did you join the WCTFCU?

"I became a Member because I believe in the power of a Credit Union. Members working together to support each other, and their financial needs are very important. The CU Members help each other by the power of our numbers. WCTFCU is able to offer great rates and the staff are so personable & welcoming. They remind me of the small town bank I used as a child."

How have you used WCTFCU?

"I use WCTFCU for a checking and a savings account. We have several loans through the CU including Car Loans, Parent Plus Loans, and a Home Equity Loan. My children also have accounts with WCTFCU."

Trent Harrison cropped


WCTFCU Member since 2015

School: Newtown High School
Position:Teacher; Freshman Earth Science, and Jr/Sr Oceanography & Astronomy
Years Teaching: 20 years

What do you LOVE about Teaching?

"The 'Oooooooooh! Moment'. That moment when the student 'gets it'. Sometimes it happens in class, school or years after they graduate."

Teaching Pro-Tip

"Find one thing students will remember you for, and OWN IT! I wear Hawaiian shirts every day. It's my thing!"

Why did you join the WCTFCU?

"A tight knit community that is there to help us. Employees take their time to get to know you & are connected with our financial needs. It is a people-first banking institution."

How have you used WCTFCU?

"Savings Accounts for both my children. These savings accounts are THE BEST AROUND. Plus 2 Car Loans - Local Banks & Dealerships could not touch the WCTFCU rate!"

Theresa Schrader cropped


WCTFCU Member since 2007

School: RMT Johnson Elementary School
Position: 4th Grade Teacher
Years Teaching: 14 years

What do you LOVE about Teaching?

"I always loved working with children. I knew since I was in 1st Grade, that I wanted to be a teacher. I love being able to use my creativity to inspire and educate others."

Teaching Pro-Tip

"If you are expecting or having a child, look into a WCTFCU Head-Start Savings Account. It's a great way to get a college account started."

Why did you join the WCTFCU?

"When my husband (also a teacher) and I were married in 2008, we opened up an account at WCTFCU because they have the best benefits for teachers.."

How have you used WCTFCU?

"For all our financial needs!"

Suzanne Newman cropped


WCTFCU Member since 2010

School: Sprague Elementary School
Position: First Grade Teacher
Years Teaching: 19 years

What do you LOVE about Teaching?

"Making a difference!"

Teaching Pro-Tip

"Go in everyday with the attitude that you can make a difference!"

Why did you join the WCTFCU?

"The Personal Service!"

How have you used WCTFCU?

"Car Loan, Visa Credit Card, Savings & Checking Accounts. Both my children have accounts also."

Membership Eligibility & Application

Employees of the schools / Board of Education in our 27-town field of membership, other eligible public, private, university and parochial school personnel, and their immediate family members may join. Click to visit our Membership Page for a list of participating towns, private schools & universities.

How To Join.
Your completed Application Form, copy of your Driver’s License or legal photo ID, and $5 minimum deposit into your new Savings Account avails you to membership, all of the advantages delivered by our broad portfolio of versatile products, and exclusive membership benefits.

4 Easy Ways You Can Apply:

  1. Online Application Complete an application, transfer in $5, and attach a digital copy of your Driver’s License.
  2. Paper Application Complete a paper Application form, enclose $5 check and a copy of your Driver’s License. Tape it closed to mail it postage-free, or bring it to one of our branches.
  3. Call us 800.992.2226
  4. Visit a Branch Bring your Driver’s license and we will gladly assist, and process your Application. While you are in a branch you can spend time with our Membership Services, Credit Card and Loan experts. No appointment necessary.

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