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Student Choice



Student Choice is A Low-Cost, No Fee Education Line of Credit!

Current Rates as low as 5.50%apr*

The growing gap between what college costs and the financial aid available is causing many families to resort to higher cost private student loans. So we've introduced a new alternative student loan program that helps fill the funding gaps that federal aid can leave behind.  

Before turning to private student loan solutions, students are advised to first pursue all the free and cheap money they can find. Look for scholarships and grants first, and then exhaust all options for federal student loans. And if there's still significant need, a private student loan may be necessary to fill the funding gap and graduate with the least amount of debt possible.  When you're ready to apply for private funding, we can help. And we offer features that others lenders do not:
  •  WCTFCU's Student Choice private loan solution offers low rates, zero origination fees and flexible repayment terms.
  • Our unique student loan is structured as a line of credit, which allows students to apply once and make multiple draws over the course of their entire undergraduate career.
The best resources of information about financing higher education are still your high school guidance office and the financial aid office at your college. You can also learn more about how to choose student loans and the financial aid process by visiting our new student-focused website,,

For more information about the features and benefits of our Student Choice program, log on, call or stop by to speak with a loan officer.