Four Annual WCTFCU Scholarships

Every July, WCTFCU awards four (4) scholarships to WCTFCU Members who are exemplary graduating high school seniors, enrolled to begin college in the fall. Recipients are selected, through an anonymous review of all applications and a vote by the Scholarship Committee, a subcommittee of the WCTFCU Board of Directors. 

Starting in 2018 the General Scholarship have been increased to $2,000, and a second year has been added to one General Scholarship:

- 2 General Scholarships     Two $2,000 Scholarships for outstanding students entering any field of study (non-education major)
- 1 General Scholarship       One 2- year Scholarship, at $2,000 per year, for the most outstanding student entering any field of study (non-education major) (2 consecutive years = $4,000 per recipient total grant, year 2 will be awarded based upon Freshman year GPA)
- 1 Jean O’Brien Memorial Scholarship This 4-year, $2,000 per year, scholarship is granted to one student who has committed to a career in education. Initial grant given at ceremony.  To receive the next 3 consecutive years' $2,000 grants; each spring, the winner submits their year-end college transcript, as proof that they are a full-time college student pursuing an education career, maintaining a satisfactory GPA. (4 consecutive years = $8,000 per winner total grant, annually reviewed and awarded based upon GPA and continued Education major)

Student, Scholarship Applicant Guidelines:

Application Period:     March 15, 2018 - May 15, 2018 5pm 

  1. Student must personally be a WCTFCU Member. See Membership page for eligibility details.
  2. Graduate from High School in the spring of 2018, and begin College in the fall of 2018.
  3. Prior to May 15, 2018 deadline, complete the Application Form below, upload the following required documents, and submit herein:
    • Scholarship Application Form (below)
    • Extracurricular Activities Resume (upload)
    • Essay "What the WCTFCU Means To Me" (upload)
    • Latest Transcript (upload)
Notification  All Applicants (both scholarship recipients & non-recipients) will be notified in early July as to the status of their Application.

Student Information

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Only completed Applications, received prior to deadline, will stronge considered.