Loan Products

We offer free life insurance up to $30,000 on every WCTFCU loan.

Home Equity Line Of Credit

With a variable rate credit union home equity line of credit you can use the equity in your home to make home improvements, consolidate high-interest debt, finance your education, and much more. Once your line is approved, you’ll have the freedom to access the approved funds simply by writing a check! Home Loan closing costs are waived unless line is closed within 2 years of opening.

Home Equity Loans/Second Mortgages

If you prefer the predictability of a fixed rate home equity loan, you can use the equity in your home to make improvements or consolidate high-interest debt, or if you simply want to pay off your existing mortgage with a low interest credit union mortgage, we can help.

New and Used Vehicle

While we offer you a broad range of services, we consider ourselves to be vehicle lending specialists. In fact, we have so many vehicle related services to offer you that you can actually buy AND finance a new or used vehicle without enduring the hassle of automobile dealerships. You can also purchase credit disability and credit life insurance through WCTFCU at rates which are a fraction of what a dealer will charge you.

Looking for a CARFAX report? Click here.

DrivingSense™ - Low Payment Lease Alternatives

If you are looking for a flexible low cost hassle free alternative to leasing than WCTFCU’s  DrivingSense™ Vehicle Financing Program is right for you!

Like a lease our DrivingSense™ program offers monthly payments that are lower than conventional financing but unlike a lease there are no we have fewer restrictions and no hidden costs.

Visit our DrivingSense™ web site to calculate and compare payments on a particular vehicle or for more information call or stop by the credit union today.

Signature Loans

A signature loan is granted to members whose credit worthiness qualifies them to borrow money based on their signature alone. The minimum amount for which a member can apply is $500 and the maximum is $40,000. Our signature loans are granted for almost any purpose, and may at times require a co-signer.

Share or Certificate Secured Loan

Members may choose to borrow against the funds in their share or certificate account. The share or certificate account will continue to earn dividends while the member enjoys a reduced loan rate.

Personal Line Of Credit

A personal line of credit is designed to protect a checking account from embarrassing overdrafts, while giving you increased buying power. The line is activated in $100 increments whenever your checking account balance is not sufficient to cover a check that is presented for payment. There is no charge for the line, but interest is charged on the outstanding balance.

Credit Rebuilder Loan

The Credit Rebuilder Loan was established to assist those members with impaired credit scores to rebuild their credit. This type of loan would be used for members who are not savers and do not have readily available collateral such as a vehicle to pledge for security on a loan

Student Loans

At WCTFCU we offer a unique student loan products for both undergraduate and graduate studies.  These programs are for full and part time students and features include low interest rates and affordable payment options.

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